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St Vincent's School - 21st June 2021.
We funded an event at St Vincent’s Primary School in Thornliebank.

The Playlet celebrated the coming of age for the primary 7 pupils pending their move to the High School and the opening of a new, permanently covered, outdoor classroom space where classes and be held and creative arts performed.
The playlet, “Fare Thee Well (moving on), which was created by Playwright John Binnie working with the Pupils, was mixture of dance, acting, mime and chanting.
This gave the pupils their opportunity to say farewell to St Vincent’s and a year of living with Covid and for the pupils to anticipate what their future held, both at the high school and looking forward to life when they leave school and venture into the wide world.
It was a great event with over 25 pupils performing.

The Programme
The Programme.

The action
The Programme.

Robert Burns Online Session 2020-21

The Jean Armour Burns Trust awarded the Centre for Robert Burns Studies the sum of £642.00 at the beginning of session 2020-21 to support two bursary places on the Robert Burns Online (Distance learning) course at the University of Glasgow. This sum fully fund two bursary places.

One bursary place was given to Jacqueline Ross who has extensive experience of working in the Scottish tourist and cultural sectors, Undertaking the Burns Online course enabled her to deepen her knowledge of the poet himself, ultimately leading to new tourism business centred on Burns.

The other place was awarded to Jasmine-Beatrice Hansen, a young Swedish scholar working in historical musicology. Jasmine-Beatrice recently discovered Burns while working as a museum educator in Skokloster Castle in Sweden, inspiring a desire to learn more about the poet and his place in wider European song culture, as well as bringing him to historical societies with which she is involved.

Despite the ongoing challenges of 2020 in relation to the pandemic, the course was delivered successfully, with several learners commenting on the benefit they gained from having something to study while in varying lockdown situations. The Centre for Robert Burns Studies wishes to thank the Trust for their continued support, particularly during this most challenging year, and for their generosity in facilitating bursary places for online learning, providing personal, professional and educational benefit for our learners who would not otherwise have been able to pursue this learning opportunity.

Donation to the Ellisland Farm Project of £2000

Robert Burns Birthplace Museum were given a cheque for £500

Cumbernauld Schools Competition Feb 2020
Total Competitors ( not including preliminary events held in schools ) 283.
Verse and singing competitors 175.
Artwork and Models 92.
Written work ( Essays or poetry ) 15.
Number of Schools taking part 7.
Number of Competitions 21.

Looking forward, the competition is in a good position.
Cumbernauld have managed to complete an educational, positive and importantly a fun day for the children and their families while promoting the Scottish language and Burns work in general.

Scottish Prison Service.
In January/February 2020 with support from the Jean Armour Burns Trust, we were able to deliver a thematic Robert Burns project to approximately 130 prisoners across 4 prisons in the West of Scotland including HMPs, Barlinnie, Greenock, Low Moss and Dumfries, involving a range of ages, males and females. We particularly wanted to include those prisoners who struggle with mental health and find it challenging to fit in with mainstream prison regimes.

In HMP Barlinnie we worked with prison learners who attend the Day Care Facility, a specialist unit for prisoners struggling with their mental health who experience feelings of isolation and are too vulnerable for the mainstream prison.

In HMP Dumfries, we worked with a large group of older prisoners, many struggling with physical disabilities, depression and poor mental health.

In HMP Low Moss we worked with mainstream prisoners, many of whom are known to the NHS team as having poor mental, poor sleep patterns and low mood and feelings of hopelessness.

In HMP Greenock, we worked with a small group of female learners, encouraging them to engage in the Burns event in a bid to improve inclusiveness and make them feel involved.

Exploring the life and work of Robert Burns, we were able to consider Burns’ own mental health and whether or not he himself may have suffered from undiagnosed mental health disorders. We looked at the life of the ‘outsider’ and the importance of trying to fit in. Using Burns as a framework, the project enabled individuals to open up and share life experiences in a safe and supportive environment. Financial support from the Trust enabled us to host Burns Supper events, encouraging learners to write, to communicate, to talk, to share and to support each other. Professional performers and musicians worked with learners to further develop skills and make for very entertaining events which included spoken work, drama and music. These events contributed to enhanced relations between staff and prisoners, improving safety and fostering a sense of community and belonging. The cultural experience was significant for everyone who took part, many learning about Burns for the first time, supported to explore his work and understand and appreciate the contribution Burns has made to Scotland and the world.

University of Glasgow Online Burns Sessions.
The sum allocated by the Jean Armour Burns Trust allowed us to fully fund two bursary places to cover the full fees for the course aimed at enabling those who may not otherwise have the means to study to find out more about the life, work and legacy of Burns by taking our 10-week course.

Following our round of applications late summer 2019, we awarded one bursary place to Christopher Hill, an Ayrshire-born teacher currently living and working in Stockholm, Sweden, where he teaches English and Civics in an international high school. Christopher wanted to develop his knowledge of Burns to enable him to develop his teaching of the bard for his students from a diverse range of national and cultural backgrounds, thus also allowing him to promote and educate with regards to wider Scottish history and culture. Our second recipient was Maurice Crichton, a Glasgow-born and York-based Scot who has an interest in filming Burns’s poetry for YouTube and devising theatrical entertainment based on Burns.

The selection panel felt that these applications met the aim of spreading knowledge of Burns beyond traditional Burnsian circles and beyond Scotland’s borders.

An Alternative Burns Night.
28th Jan 2020 in the Stereo Bar, Glasgow.

The night was an event-based artwork organised and hosted by final year environmental art student at The Glasgow School of Art – Jack McElroy.

The night is now an annual event. First held in 2019 it was inspired after on-going research into continuing cuts to creative funding and education. The event uses Burns Night to celebrate the life and works of Robert Burns by celebrating contemporary poets, singers and comedians who share an interest in ‘Scotland’ through what they do to raise money for a local creative charity.
The chosen charity was Project Ability – an arts organisation who work with people aged 5 to 80 years who have learning disabilities and mental ill health to express themselves and achieve their artistic potential.
Donations raised over £380 for Project Ability!

Alternative Burns Night.

Bridgeton Burns Club 150th Anniversary Club Outing to Dumfries.

Bridgeton Burns Club expresses our sincerest gratitude for the donation received from the Trust in support of our 150th Anniversary Outing.
The expenses incurred supported the attendance of schoolchildren who took part in our annual competition. To that end we gave a sum of money to Cairns Primary School to cover their travel expenses. We also gave a sum to two children from Lockerbie for their attendance and excellent performances.
The Trust funds went wholly to the children and Bridgeton Burns Club was only able to provide these sums to the children and school as a result of the support we received from the Jean Armour Burns Trust.

Children from Cairns Primary on Dumfries steps.

Scottish Opera
Funding to help the schools education project on Burns and Amadeus.

Scottish Opera gratefully received support from the Jean Armour Burns Trust towards Amadeus & the Bard, our new educational opera celebrating the lives, the loves and the legacies of poet Robert Burns and composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
The one-hour opera presented a musical programme including Mozart’s repertoire and traditional Burns songs, combined with Burns poems and new musical arrangements by Music Director Karen MacIver using famous work from both artists.
From everyone at Scottish Opera, especially our Director or Outreach & Education, Jane Davidson MBE, thank you for your funding award in May 2019.
Thanks to your support, over 2,100 people – including over 1,000 children and young people – have benefitted by attending our 24 performances.
Pupils and public audiences have improved their knowledge and understanding of the works and lives of Robert Burns and Mozart; developing an appreciation of live opera, Scots language and Scottish history in the process.

Photo Credit Sally Jubb.
The Cast. Credit Sally Jubb.

Falkirk Junior Choir
Funding to help with kilt making.

Further update from the Burns Prison Project
The Robert Burns Project with the Jean Armour Burns Trust has been nominated for a Staff Innovation Award at Fife College in the category of Effective Partnership working.

Isobel Mair School visit to Burns Museum.
Educational Workshop, visit to Museum and walk along the Burns Trail.
The day was thoroughly enjoyed and we are very grateful to the Jean Armour Burns trust for funding it.

Wreath Laying Ceremony - Glasgow and District Association.
The Glasgow and District Burns Association are very grateful to the Jean Armour Burns Trust for the generous contribution to the Wreath Laying ceremony in George Square on Saturday 26th January 2019.
There is little doubt that the G&DBA would be unable to successfully mount this event were it not for the beneficence of the Trust and we deeply appreciate it.

The Centre for Robert Burns Studies.
We awarded one bursary place to Roberta MacPherson, who wished to extend her knowledge of Burns with a specific interest in extending her repertoire of public performance to include Burns’s songs.
Our second recipient was Jonathan Brough, a head-teacher from London, who specifically applied with the view of including study works of Burns in work he undertakes with 9- 11 year olds as a way of extending their experience beyond ‘classic English writers’

Robert Burns Project, Fife College and Scottish Prison Service, January 2019
In previous years, (2016 and 2017) the Jean Armour Burns Trust has supported a Robert Burns project to take place in HMP Low Moss.
To mark Burns Day in 2019 we decided to include other prisons, in different parts of the county, housing different populations, in order to introduce as many learners as we could to the life and work of Robert Burns.
Financial support from the Jean Armour Burns Trust meant that we could deliver a more interactive, multi-cultural and cross curricular event for our learners across 4 prisons including HMPs Barlinnie, Dumfries, Low Moss and Greenock.

The outcomes of the project included:
A greater understanding and appreciation of the life and works of Robert Burns.
A bespoke, blended learning pack with activities to engage adult learners and children.
Improved relations between prisoners and families.
Improved relations between prisoners and staff.
A traditional Burns Supper held in January.
A series of activities to include performance poets and musicians.

The grant we received from The Jean Armour Burns Trust enabled us to achieve all of these outcomes and supported the project by enabling guests, including actors and musicians, to participate with the learning process.
This in turn led to improved relations between staff and prisoners and prisoners and families.

Scottish Prison Service

Funding for Hollybrook Academy. A secondary school in Govanhill, Glasgow, for pupils with additional support needs.
From funding given Hollybrook raised more money.
So far, the Hollybrook for Mary’s Meals group have raised over £1,200 and we have sent 50 backpacks to Malawi, to be given to pupils who don’t have any.
There are 97 pupils in Hollybrook Academy. It costs £13.90 to feed a child for a year at school in Malawi.
This means that this group are feeding a school the same size as Hollybrook for a whole year.
Well done Hollybrook.

Alastair McIver Storytelling Sessions to Corpus Christi Primary Knightswood.
The sessions were delivered Primary 6 and 7 classes.
The pupils were then able to follow up the workshops with their own poetry recitals, performing to others.
Some of our pupils have applied to take part in the Burns Festival in Glasgow in February and this session has inspired them.

Part funding for the Schools Competition.
Also funding for banners for use at events.

Trades House of Glasgow.
Robert Burns Festival 18th January 2018.

A most successful competition with 136 children participating.
Attending the event were the Jr Vice Pres. Of the RB Federation, Brian Goldie.
The National Schools Competition Convenor, Isa Hanley.
Enez Anderson, Pres. Glasgow and District Burns Association.
George Anderson, Jean Armour Burns Trustee.
The performers were to a very high standard and the first and second placed winners were extended an opportunity to participate in the RBWF National Schools Competition.

Trades House

Sandyford Burns Club Carmichael Trophy.
The Trust has a very succesful partnership with the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. This year the winner of the Carmichael Trophy was Beth Taylor, Mezzo-soprano.
A name to watch and listen for in the future.
Beth Taylor