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Funding projects and events
which promote the Scots Tongue
and the life and works of Robert Burns.

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Recent history of the Houses.

Glasgow and District with full history of the Houses.


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Index Page.

The Picture Gallery of the Previous Houses.

Jean Armour Burns House Names

1 The Glasgow Haggis Centenary
2 James T. Picken
3 Andrew Stenhouse
4 W. G. McAulay
5 Robert Robb
W. Page Burgess Common Room
6 J. Kevin McDowal
7 A. Neil Campbell
8 William Black
9 Samuel Black
10 The Royalty Burns Club
11 R. Dickson Johnston

Picture Gallery of previous houses.

Directors.. Letterhead

Letterhead.. Directors

Letterhead.. Directors

Letterhead.. Directors

Letterhead.. Directors

Letter.. Directors

Letterhead.. Directors

Picture Gallery of current Houses and Communal Seating Area.
The current houses.
MauchlineHouse.. MauchlineHouses

Two plaques which need no explanation.
G&D Plaque.. Plaque

A stone from the original Houses and the cutting of the ribbon at the opening of the Communal Seating Area.
Commemorative Stone.. Cutting the Ribbon

The ceremony at the opening of the Seating Area and the handover to East Ayrshire Council.
Dignitaries.. Dignitaries

A Bird Bath donated by Frank Smith. Past Pres. of the G & D and the Glasgow Haggis Club.
Bird Bath
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