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We are committed to help spread
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Bard by funding events and
projects which celebrate
the life and works of
Robert Burns.

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The Jean Armour Burns Trust.

The Jean Armour Burns Trust was formed when the Jean Armour Burns Houses Ltd was wound up and its assets sold to East Ayrshire Council.
When the Trust was formed the Directors were appointed as Trustees.
The purpose of the Trust is to stimulate the public interest in, and support and promote the teaching of, the works of Robert Burns in Scotland through Burns Clubs, Schools and other bodies.

The capital from the sale of the houses has been invested through Brewin Dolphin.
A major part of the annual income from the invested capital is made available each year to the Glasgow & District Burns Association, and other organisations, to fund projects and events promoting the works of Robert Burns in their communities, while 25% of the income is reinvested.

Trustees of the Trust Fund can be appointed from member Clubs of the Glasgow & District Burns Association or burnsians in the wider community.

In addition, Burns Club and others can contribute to a restricted fund to benefit the tenants, both old and new, in Mauchline.
This Restricted Fund is administered by the trustees. Any donations which are specifically made to the Jean Armour Burns houses, will be spent on projects for the tenants and their environment at the houses.

Clubs and members are still welcome to visit the Houses.

Projects which we have supported.

2018 Grants awarded from The Jean Armour Trust.
Trades House of Glasgow. Robert Burns Festival.
Glasgow and District Wreath Laying, George Square.
Sandyford Burns Club for the Carmichael Trophy.
Renton Primary School.
Burns Federation Recruitment Banners.
Burns Federation Schools Competition.
Glasgow and District Association Wreath Laying.
Glasgow and District Aye Can event.
Alastair McIver Storytelling Sessions for Corpus Christi Primary Knightswood.
Funding for Hollybrook Academy. A secondary school in Govanhill, Glasgow, for pupils with additional support needs.
Robert Burns Project, Fife College and Scottish Prison Service, January 2019.

Approved but Pending
University of Glasgow. Two Bursary places.

2017 Grants awarded from The Jean Armour Trust.
Funding for Medals for Bridgeton Burns Club Schools Competition.
Support for Lowmoss Prison Burns Supper
St Vincent's LCR Burns Bonanza
Funding for two students at the Centre for Robert Burns Studies at the University of Glasgow
Funding for a project for the pupils of Eastmuir who have moderate learning difficulties.
Funding for Hollybrook Academy. A secondary school in Govanhill, Glasgow, for pupils with additional support needs.

2016 Grants awarded from The Jean Armour Trust.
Support for Lowmoss Prison Burns Supper
If you would like to read more on this event please click this link.
The Purchase of Trophies for Helensburgh Burns Club School's Competition.
A donation towards the expenses incurred by the Glasgow and District Burns Association Wreath Laying at George Square.

We have also paid the Tenants from the Jean Armour Houses fund a sum of £3,000 for essential furnishing and decoration.
We have received thank you cards from the Tenants who are delighted with these donations and explaining where the money has been spent.
The trustees are grateful for the continued support from Burns Clubs and Burns Suppers for donations received specifically for the benefit of the Tenants.

2015 Grants awarded from The Jean Armour Trust.
£1000.00 to RBWF for sponsorship of the location for the school's competition.
£2000.00 to Vocali3s sponsoring concerts of Robert Burns songs set to new arrangements.

2014 Expenditure on the Houses and Tenants.
To maintain and improve the visual aspect of the surroundings we have instructed a Gardener on an ongoing annual basis for the maintenance of the flower beds at each House.
£500 has been spent on a refurbished Kitchen for an incoming tenant in House 4.
A cost saving Thermostat Control unit has been fitted in House 6.

2014 Grants awarded from The Jean Armour Trust.
£500 to Pernickety Press for help in Sponsoring the publication of the Illustrated Story of The House of Wee Mirren Mouse.
We hope that this book will instil in young people a lifetime interest in him and serve as an inspiration for them to read and learn more about the life and times of our National Bard, Robert Burns.

Current Trustees.

The current Trustees are -
Back Row - Iain Gordon, Paul Hughes and David Sibbald.
Seated - James Slater, Robert Stevenson, Ian Macpherson and Bob Barnes.

Original Trustees.
Tom Myles passed away in January 2016.
It is with regret that I have to announce the passing of George Anderson in September 2018.
Both were ardent supporters of the Jean Armour Houses and "weel kent" Burnsians.

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