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The 1990's saw a diminishing income from donations and a converse increase involved in the costs of the upkeep of the Houses which ultimately meant that the Jean Armour Burns Houses were in a serious situation which had to be resolved.
The income did not match the outgoings and the Houses were close to going into the red and ultimately becoming insolvent.

In the 2000's a decision, not taken lightly, was made to charge a nominal rent to existing tenants.

We were also given an interest free loan from a donor who wishes to remain anonymous but whose help at this time was invaluable. This, and the nominal rent, transformed the cash flow of the company and allowed for a badly needed refurbishing programme to commence with the refurbishment of three vacant houses.
However, it did change the role of the Directors to being landlords.

The assistance to the company from East Ayrshire Council ( hereafter called "the Council" ) with its registration as Social Landlords, and also their Social Services Department who helped us find appropriate tenants for the Refurbished Houses was invaluable.
However early in 2008 it was becoming apparent that being a Registered Social Housing Landlord was not only an onerous task but one where professional input was not just desirable but essential. The Directors therefore, took the decision to find a third party to take on the responsibility of the Houses.

Talks began with the Council to help us find a partner / buyer for the Houses.
The Directors sought professional advice on the potential sale and the particular conditions under which we would consider the sale of the Houses namely -
1. To provide accommodation only to those in need by reason of age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage.
2. The remaining three original residents have their low rent frozen for as long as they remain in their House.
3. The Name Jean Armour Burns Houses will be retained as will the name plaques on each house.
About six months after the first approach to East Ayrshire seeking appropriate partners or purchasers the Council asked if we would consider selling the Houses to them which we agreed.
During our negotiations with East Ayrshire representatives an agreement was reached for the sale of the houses to The Council which met all of the Particular Conditions above and gave reassurances with regard to maintaining the heritage, history and initial aims of the Houses were set out.
By the time the sale was completed in July 2012 the Company had renovated 8 of the 11 Houses

The Council's first mission is to build 10 more Houses on the land set aside for additional houses using the planning consent which was granted after a degree of difficulty.
These new houses will be let under the same terms as the existing houses but they can now accommodate couples.

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